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Dunphy Confidential

From the LA Times piece:

“I started writing the column after an e-mail exchange with [National Review writer and editor] Jonah Goldberg before the 2000 Democratic Convention,” said Dunphy, who spoke to the paper on the understanding that his identity would remain confidential. “He invited me to record my thoughts for posting on their website. He told me I should keep it to about 1,000 words, but when I was done I had over 3,000. I sent it all and told them to use what they liked. They split it in two and ran the whole thing over two days — and Jack Dunphy was born.”

Me: I must say this leaves out a lot of cloak and dagger. The meetings in dank Chinese run opium dens. The dead drops. The beatings I had to take from rogue cops because I wouldn’t give up Dunphy’s i.d. But we’ll just save all that for my memoirs.


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