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Durbin On Janice

This caught my ear last night on C-SPAN radio during the commute. In the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Janice Rogers Brown, the Democrats took turns denouncing Brown for her shocking statement that the New Deal marked a “socialist revolution”! This is where you show them what Milton Friedman put in “Free to Choose,” that the 1928 Socialist Party platform under candidate Norman Thomas is pretty much all government reality now (and was 20 years ago).

But Sen. Richard Durbin went on to say oddly, if I may paraphrase, “She is paying more attention to ‘The Fountainhead’ and ‘Road to Serfdom’ than to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” Who wants to break it to Durbin than Rand and Hayek are a lot closer to the Constitution than he is? I haven’t found the “right” to the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Pell Grant mentioned in the founding documents…

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