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Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, but here’s an email about it from a friend of mine:


A good friend of mine from Princeton was golfing on the Princeton University course one spring afternoon and, unbeknownst to him, breaking the rules by wearing shorts. A nerdy little man playing one whole behind them came up to yell at him for not wearing pants. My friend apologized and said he didn’t know the rules and he would wear pants next time. The man said that wasn’t good enough and they should leave. My friend told him to get lost, he was a university student using the university golf course and the guy should relax. At that point the man got really angry, turned, pointed at his party and said “Do you know who my wife is? She is the Governor of New Jersey!” My friend replied “That’s nice,” and continued playing. He told me that same afternoon and there were people with him to corroborate. All the Best, Phil


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