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An E-mail from Austin, Texas


You are SO right about KBH.  As a Texan who has long been voting for her, I know that, outside of New England, she is likely the most liberal Senator still in office.  She favors race preferences, she is pro-choice (except for partial-birth) [there are some other exceptions too — the National Right to Life Committee gives her a 75 percent–KJL], she is pro-amnesty, and she is more of a big spender than W.  She is the left flank of the Texas GOP.  She’s a reliable vote for GOP leadership.  But she’s not only a (relative) liberal, she’s also a policy lightweight.  Can you name a KBH policy initiative?  Neither can anyone else.

Good luck on Sessions and RPC.

UPDATE: Another e-mailer clarifies:

Kay Bailey Hutchison is a squishy moderate-conservative.

If she were a liberal, she would not be elected to state-wide office in Texas.

Let’s please don’t water down these labels, as stretched as they already are.