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E-Mail From Baton Rouge

…Let me tell you what’s going on in Baton Rouge: we are a refugee nightmare. The grocery stores and gas stations are closed or empty or running out as quickly as they can resupply. Most people I know are hosting refugees in their homes for the foreseeable future (my wife and I, with three kids, are hosting three refugees). Many of these refugees have nothing to go back to, and apart from the round-the-clock work I’ve got at the office, I’m trying to find friends in Nashville and Dallas and Philly who might help some of them start a new life in those cities. Baton Rouge simply can’t sustain them all. We are a city of 500K that just doubled in size. The help we want to hear is “on the way” is precisely the kind of things Bush put in his “laundry list.” B/c now the people in the Baton Rouge area themselves, many of whom are still without power, are beginning to understand that all the refugees they are hosting are making it impossible to buy milk for their own f—ing children. I’m not saying that our attitude is hey, this isn’t our problem; like I say, Baton Rougeans have stepped up to the plate…

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