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E-Mail (From a Few Days Ago)


Is one of the “perks” of being the editor of national review that you get to

watch matinee Yankee games. I just hit up and saw that the boys in

pinstripes are up 12-1. This team may be better than the 98 team.”

No, but it is one of the ready distractions of being at home trying to write a book. I was on a conference call with Ed Capano and Jonah the other day, from home here where I’m supposed to be slaving away on the book, when I let out in the midst of the conversation, “Wow–Heideki Matsui just got his third hit of the day!” (My girlfriend is getting tired of me saying–”Hideki Matsui may be the Japanese Paul O’Neill.”) As for the Yanks, yes they’re off to a great start, and I’d be gloating more in The Corner if I were so busy here at home watching the YES network….


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