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E-Mail Subject Lines

I am still trying to read all my email, though now way behind (about 3 weeks

on my Hotmail a/c). Among the strategies I have adopted to weed out spam, I

am now ruthlessly deleting any e-mail whose subject line is not VERY

OBVIOUSLY related to me, my books, or some article I have written. As I’m

sure everyone knows, junk e-mail nowadays comes with bland, generic,

innocuous-looking subject lines: “In your neighborhood,” “Wanna hear a

story?” “Special request,” and so on. I am now deleting all such. To get

through to me, please furnish a specific, clear subject line. “Derb I

totally disagree with you about gun control” will get read; “Disagreement”

won’t. “Derb I think your book Prime Obsession should get a big fat prize”

will DEFINITELY be read; “Compliments on your achievement” will not. Sorry

to have to lay down the law like this, but I have to do something to stop

e-mail taking over my life.


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