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The E-Verify Train Has Left the Station

In a post below, Nadler acknowledges that workplace verification is important to fight gangs but that businesses are resisting the E-Verify system until they get an amnesty. Business lobbyists are indeed fighting a scorched-earth battle against anything that screens out illegals, but actual businesses are signing up by the tens of thousands. Last year, about one out of eight new hires nationwide was screened and it looks like this year it’ll be one out of four, or even one out of three, new hires. And use of the system may grow even faster when the new regulation goes into effect in May requiring federal contractors to use it (which is why the Chamber is fighting the pending rule). At this point, E-Verify is a fait accompli, and industry associations holding out are going to find themselves out in the cold. In fact, I could imagine a scenario this fall where Obama is desperate enough to throw a bone to the amnesty crowd (since they’re just not going to get the whole amnesty enchilada) that the White House could offer to support mandatory use of E-Verify for all new hires in exchange for the Dream Act amnesty (an amnesty for illegals who came before age 16), which is irrelevant to business but important to the ethnic and leftist groups. That way the immigration hawks would get a permanent institutionalized commitment to enforcement (i.e., one that couldn’t be welshed on like previous promises of enforcement), the La Raza crowd gets legalization for their most sympathetic constituency, and business gets squat.


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