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The E-Voting Mess

There has been, for once,<a href="

“> good news on this topic. On Thursday, the Department of Defense canceled plans to use an electronic voting system that would have allowed Americans abroad to cast their ballots over the Internet. That seems sensible. The system may or may not have been vulnerable (my guess is the former) to tampering and error, but it looked likely to fail the essential test of any voting system: that it has to have the confidence of the electorate. The Department of Defense has done the right thing.

Meanwhile Meg McLaughlin, the president of the faintly-spookily named Accenture eDemocracy Services (the organization responsible for developing the DoD’s system) tells the New York Times that “we are confident that sending absentee ballots via the Internet is just as secure as sending them by mail.”

Give it up, Meg.


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