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Early Buzz From The RGA

  • The press check-in here at the Doral features a stack of handouts titled, “What is being said about Governor Mitch Daniels.”  The five-page document features dozens of favorable quotes on the Indiana governor and ex-OMB chair from a variety of media sources.  That there would be such an offering at the press area is notable not just because Mitch isn’t the featured attraction, but also because he’s widely believed to be sympathetic to the other big kahuna in the ‘08 race (the one throwing the counter-Prom tonight)
  • Two key supporters of one of the ‘08 candidates arrived here armed with two interesting tidbits.  Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas will launch an exploratory committee for the WH on Monday.  And, even more up our alley, these veteran operatives share that Gov. George Pataki was just spotted on FOX News doing an interview from the Mideast and discussing Iraq.  But in talking about Muqtada al-Sadr, the New York governor referred to the Shiite cleric as “al-SADER,.”  As in rhymes with “Nader.”  Maybe that’s how they pronounce it in Peekskill?

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