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Early Voting: A Subject to Reconsider

On our homepage, John Fund has a terrific piece on early voting — the problems with. As an accompaniment, I’d like to excerpt a letter I received from a friend of mine on Thursday. She lives in Florida, which held its primary on Tuesday.

I learned something important about the primary. I have been on the absentee-ballot list for a few years. So I got the primary ballot a few weeks before the actual election. Wanting to be diligent about returning it in a timely manner, I filled it out and sent it in ahead of time. I have been a Jeb supporter from the outset, and he had not dropped out, so he got my well-filled-in circle. He dropped out the day after I sent in my ballot.

So I wasted my vote.  I would have voted for your guy, Ted Cruz. Fortunately, he did not lose by one vote.

I am not anti-convenience. I don’t think voting should be a hardship. But I am anti-too much convenience. And I think that this early-voting business is for the birds.

Let me cite a passage from John’s piece, which I especially liked: “One secretary of state I interviewed compared early voting that takes place before debates are finished with jurors in a trial who stand up in the middle of testimony and say they’ve heard enough and are ready to render a verdict.”


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