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The Earmark Moratorium

Amid yesterday’s budget vote marathon in the Senate was a vote to place a year-long moratorium on earmarks. Unsurprisingly, it failed, but it did get the support of 29 senators, including all of the presidential candidates and a few other notable Democrats as well. It was opposed by the Democratic leadership.

Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) statement:

“Tonight, too many in Congress embraced the earmark favor factory and proved why we have the lowest approval rating in history,” said Senator DeMint. “Earmarks represent the worst of wasteful Washington spending. The big spenders in Congress may still desperately cling to their pork, but our presidential candidates have made it clear the current system is unacceptable. Americans want the bridges to nowhere and earmark scandals to stop.”

Correction: this post stated earlier that the Senate Republican leadership had opposed the moratorium. In fact, Sens. McConnell (Republican Leader), Kyl (Republican Whip), Alexander (Republican Conference Chairman), Cornyn (Republican Conference Vice Chairman) and Ensign (NRSC Chairman) all voted for it. The vote in favor was not whipped, however.

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