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This Earns The Big Bucks?

MRC’s Ken Shepherd e-mailed me his transcript of CNN’s “Inside Politics” yesterday, as anchor Judy Woodruff defines sleepy mid-afternoon journalistic coasting in her Tom Daschle interview. These are the questions in full:

1. Senator, today President Bush said what the Democrats have done with regard to judicial nominees is “shameful.” Are you concerned that what’s going on right now could backfire and hurt your party more than the Republicans?

2. So you think the American people should look as at this as entirely the Republicans’ fault.

3. Senator, we just mentioned your book, Like No Other Time. You write about the 107th Congress and what happened in those days both before and after 9/11. There was a lot of cooperation in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. What has happened to it?

4. Do you believe right now that the Democrats are doing enough to stand up to the Bush Administration when it comes to the war in Iraq and the aftermath there?

5. Senator, is Howard Dean now the undisputed front-runner for the Democratic nomination for President?

6. Do you worry that if he were the nominee, he might not be strong enough to defeat President Bush?

Biased? Yes, especially in what was NOT asked. We can all come up with a better one. Here’s mine: “President Bush stood today with three female nominees, who are half of the contingent you are holding up. Isn’t this a blow against diversity on the bench?” But Woodruff, and so many others, phone in their filibuster questions and make no attempt to actually scrutinize the public record for themselves. Eric Alterman calls conservative media criticism “working the refs.” These “refs” aren’t even watching the game.

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