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Earth Day & Babyboomer Nostalgia

From a reader:



You almost never answer my e-mails, so I suspect you don’t read them. But I have to speak up about the real, underlying reason for climate-change hysteria.


It’s the same as the reason for anti-Iraq-war fervor.  Baby-boomer nostalgia. I’m serious.


You know, I’m a few years older than you are. On the very first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, I was in the ninth grade. I remember it well. I remember when it was “hip” among the kids to be concerned about conservation, although they didn’t call it that. “Ecology” was a cooler word. In 1970 the campus war-cry was “Ecology now.” I remember the green-and-white flag bumper stickers. I remember a lamentable rock group called Rare Earth, who had an album called “Ecology.” I remember radio deejays in my home town introducing the weather report with “San Diego Environment…” I remember the “Organic” craze. Even shampoo was being pitched with the phrase, “Go organic!”  I even remember a contest on the radio whose grand prize was a brand-new Chevy van. The come-on for the contest was “Win this van…and get back to the land!”  And I surely remember Joni Mitchell’s tripey song “Big Yellow Taxi,” which exhorted farmers to “Put away the DDT.”


That was all in 1970. The hip-cool teenagers of 1970 are now…you know, people like editors at Time Magazine. They have to be lovin’ all this climate-change crap. It’s a regular joyride in the rumble-seat of the time machine. Trust me, I know my fellow boomers. We’re all self-obsessed, remember?

OK, I’ve said my piece.

I hope SOMEONE on your staff reads this.


Me: So: When you speak of my “staff” do you mean my dog, my couch or my still largely illiterate five year old daughter?