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Eartha Kitt + Lee Greenwood = Trippy

Near the end of Impromptus today, I talk a little about Christmas music, and recommend a few tracks. I duly pay homage to Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.” And this provoked a wonderfully splenetic note from a reader, which I share with you now:

Mr. Nordlinger –

I am not all that absorbed in music, and am usually indifferent. But: There are songs that are simply so bad, so crass, that my first impulse is to smash whatever machine is reproducing them – Lee Greenwood’s horrid anthem “God Bless the USA” is one, and “Santa Baby” is another! Yuck. Makes me want to shower every time I hear that nasty little bit of innuendo. However, if you like it, enjoy! Unlike many people, I do not base my judgment of a man’s character solely on the music he likes.

Well, that’s a relief! And, thanks to this reader, I have a weird mélange of Eartha and Greenwood in my head . . .


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