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Easter Is a Season and Christians Owe It to the World to Live It

People attend the traditional Palm Sunday service to mark the beginning of Holy Week and Easter at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, N.Y., March 28, 2021. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

Happy Easter! I should have said that sooner, but I’ve been trying to be in a wee bit of a contemplative mode over the last few days. Failed in some respects, but it’s always a good intention. We kinda desperately need a contemplative reordering.

Also, I like to milk every day of the Octave of Easter, so: Happy Easter Tuesday!

Three is a very biblical number, and so today, for Easter, I’ll be having a third conversation over the past few months with Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P. about enduring things. We had a pre-Christmas virus-free event, as we have called our virtual programming at National Review Institute, “Made for Love, Loved by God” (which you can watch here), inspired by a book he wrote by that title. We essentially talked about moving forward in hope out of 2020 — still as relevant as ever.

Last month, we talked about St. Joseph during the month of St. Joseph in the year of St. Joseph, as wisely declared by Pope Francis. (I know there are people in these parts who are deeply concerned about the pope, but there’s a lot he gets very right.) You can watch our St. Joseph hour here.

And today, on Easter Tuesday, we are going to talk about the need for a resurrection in our lives, in our culture, as well as Easter itself. I firmly believe that Christians both owe it to God and our neighbors of all and no faith to live Easter. So we’ll talk a bit about that. I think it will be of ecumenical interest, even as K-Lo and a priest will always have a certain Catholic flavor.

Can I balance things a little by linking to Russell Moore and Tim Keller?

The point of this post: RSVP here for the Zoom today at 2 p.m. Eastern with Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., Dominican priest, founding editor of Magnificat, and popular speaker and author and homiletics teacher here.

If you’re otherwise occupied at that time or see this post after the fact, the hour will be archived on NRI’s YouTube page.

Update: Watch at your convenience on YouTube:


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