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“Easy There, Cowboy”

From a reader:

Easy on the giddy, gleeful gloating on the GDP numbers:

1) They’re going to be adjusted downward most likely when the Fed gets more


2) A fat lot of good presiding over a boom did for Gore. My point is that 2000 calls into question the syllogism that if the economy is growing, then the incumbent sails to re-election. Granted, it’s not a detriment, but it’s no longer a guarantee.

3) Expect the Dems/the media attacks on Iraq to go from semi-focused and irritating to white-hot at a much higher volume.

That being said, Krugman’s cat was kicked so hard it’s now in the parallel universe where Krugman is the editor of NR, you are a vegan and a PETA

organizer, Ramesh writes for The Nation, and Lowry is a Red Sox fan and runs an anti land mine NGO in Boston and just coauthored Queen Noor’s autobiog.


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