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Eat Meat, Eggs to Fight Diabetes

PETA and other animal rights zealots went to war against Robert Atkins because he promoted a low carb diet as a healthy way to lose weight.

They were so filled with hatred that the animal rights fanatics of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)–which hides its ideology by masking as medical organization– claimed falsely that he was obese to try and discredit the deceased nutritionist.

Now, the New York Times has run a piece by two doctors who treat obesity and diabetes promoting a high protein diet as way to fight Type 2 diabetes, perhaps even get off insulin. From, “Before You Spend $26,000 on Weight Loss Surgery: Do This:

At our obesity clinics, we’ve seen hundreds of patients who, after cutting down on carbohydrates, lose weight and get off their medications.

One patient in his 50s was a brick worker so impaired by diabetes that he had retired from his job. He came to see one of us last winter, 100 pounds overweight and panicking. He’d been taking insulin prescribed by a doctor who said he would need to take it for the rest of his life. Yet even with insurance coverage, his drugs cost hundreds of dollars a month, which he knew he couldn’t afford, any more than he could bariatric surgery.

Instead, we advised him to stop eating most of his meals out of boxes packed with processed flour and grains, replacing them with meat, eggs, nuts and even butter. Within five months, his blood­sugar levels had normalized, and he was back to working part-­time. Today, he no longer needs to take insulin.

Another patient, in her 60s, had been suffering from Type 2 diabetes for 12 years. She lost 35 pounds in a year on a low­carb diet, and was able to stop taking her three medications, which included more than 100 units of insulin daily.

PETA has called meat-eating the moral equivalent of Auschwitz, and other animal rightists, like Gary Francione, will not back down from their mendacious anti meat-eating jeremiads no matter how beneficial such diets are to human wellbeing.

They would rather people stay stuck on insulin and undergo expensive and dangerous surgeries than avoid or reverse disease through the healthy eating of meat and animal products. 

But then, that’s how anti-humanists roll. 


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