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Ebonic Literalism

From Fox News:

What Happens When Columnists Run out of Ideas

Denver police are unnecessarily driving a wedge into an already divided community by accurately transcribing their interviews with African-American witnesses, reports columnist Jim Spencer of the Denver Post.

Denver Police records routinely have phrases like “aks” instead of “ask,” “sumpin’” for “something” and “baf’room” for “bathroom.”

“It’s not only insensitive, it’s insulting,” said the Rev. Gill Ford, the NAACP’s regional director and a member of the state’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.

But the police say everyone gets treated the same way, regardless of race.

“I know the implication is that someone is trying to put a racial spin on something,” explained Al LaCabe, the police’s public safety manager. “But the transcriptionists are trying to be as accurate as possible.”


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