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Well, it turns out that the two mid-westerners I mentioned yesterday (whose concerns about Bush’s economic policy were pushing them towards Lieberman) were not alone.

Here’s someone who describes himself as a conservative economics student, writing from St. Louis:

“Nearly every conservative I know, including myself, has intended to vote for anyone over Bush in the primaries this year. Unfortunately, Bush will likely run unopposed and not receive the message that such a backlash would send. However, very few are likely to actually vote for a Democrat over Bush in the general.”

Now, to be fair, we do need to remember that this time last year all the talk was of deflation. Boosting spending or cutting taxes was an entirely legitimate response to that, even if it appalled some of the more austere folk among us. What’s more, it seems to have worked. The problem is the outlook going forward. Whether it is the increase in the structural deficit, the flirtation with protectionism, Treasury Secretary Snow’s comments on the dollar or the tendency to pork barrel bonanzas, there are, quite clearly, legitimate causes for concern.


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