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Regular readers of this Corner understand the concept of a “bleg.” But for how much longer will they be given the privilege of telling us what they know about, well, just about everything in return for absolutely nothing? Times are so hard around here that, once again, the suits have asked us to consider a further round of economies at NRO World Headquarters. Blood. Stone. Well. Dry. What more can we do? Wages have already been cut so, so low that Indian companies are now outsourcing work to NRO staff, our PCs are powered by squirrel-driven treadmill (thanks Cosmo!), and our only source of outside information is reading other people’s newspapers on the subway. That’s not enough, it seems. Not for the suits. Oh nooo. We’ve now been told that, unless vast sums are raised by this current shameless and rather frenzied panhandling, certain letters of the alphabet, starting, apparently, with “l” are “too expensive” and may no longer be used in The Corner. Think what that would mean to your daily digest of ranting, raving, and occasional nuggets of information. Consider the horrors of Owry, Opez, Godberg, and worst of all the shame of the bleg. Blegging would just be reduced to begging. And that would never do.


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