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Ecumenical Jihad!

Ignatius Press is a genuinely countercultural institution, publishing as it does a very impressive line of theological and literary classics in the conservative Catholic tradition. Being countercultural, it runs the risk of offending against political correctnesses of various kinds; and so I was curious about how their new catalog would deal with their backlist title Ecumenical Jihad, by Boston College professor Peter Kreeft. I expected Ignatius to stick to its countercultural guns, and I was not disappointed: “Documenting the spiritual and moral decay of our times, Kreeft issues a wake-up call to all God-fearing Christians, Jews and Muslims to unite together in a ‘religious war’ against the common enemy of godless secular humanism.” What a verbal minefield! In just one sentence, it offers marvelous fodder for both Islamic radicals who hate freedom (“Look! Osama’s war is really just the same as Jerry Falwell’s!”) and secularist liberals who hate religious conservatives (“Look! Jerry Falwell’s war is really just the same as Osama’s!”).


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