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Ed Biz (Cont.)

A percipient reader, commenting on my earlier Ed Biz post: 

“Your senior academic is right. Look at it this way; the technical people who keep WTBS on the air send their children to college, and grimace as they write checks. Ted Turner, on the other hand, sends a whopping big check to some college to fund ‘Green Studies’ or some such nonsense, and gets a nice, big, ‘smile for the camera’ photo-op out of it.

“This also ties in with the ‘elite’ vs. ‘left-behind’ bifurcation mentioned yesterday. The midwestern attorney sends his offspring to a solid university with a good law school, while the Seattle lawyer writes a big check to help fund the Queer Legal Studies program at U-Wash.

“Some people have way too much money in their pockets & too much time on their hands. It’s almost enough to make one reconsider tax policy…”

[Derb]  Seattle?  I didn’t know they were that way inclined up there. 

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