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Shock Poll Puts Gillespie Eight Points ahead of Northam in Virginia

A shocking new poll in the Virginia gubernatorial race puts Republican candidate Ed Gillespie a full eight points ahead of his Democratic opponent, current lieutenant governor Ralph Northam.

The Hampton University poll, out yesterday, surveyed 750 likely voters in the state and found that 41 percent support Gillespie while just 33 percent support Northam. Perhaps most surprisingly, the poll found that 27 percent of respondents remain undecided with Election Day less than two weeks away.

That last finding alone is enough to cast doubt on the results of this poll. The huge swing in Gillespie’s favor is also slightly questionable, at least judging from the fact that he has consistently lagged behind Northam in most major polls of the race. One poll out last week put Gillespie one point ahead of his Democratic rival, but the Hampton University poll’s eight-point gap is clearly an outlier.

Nevertheless, yesterday’s poll is noteworthy — regardless of how one interprets its figures — because it illustrates how fluid this gubernatorial race continues to be. Northam has held onto a significant lead in spending and in polling numbers, but with ten days left until polls close on the evening of November 7, Gillespie still has more than a fighting chance.


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