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Ed Koch, R.I.P.


Ed Koch was a funny, hard-charging, and deeply patriotic American who changed the trajectory of New York City at a time when that trajectory desperately needed to be changed. Although a lifelong Democrat, he was, in his own words, “a liberal with sanity.”  He balanced New York’s budget, stood up to the city’s unions, and was an outspoken supporter of Israel. He was also willing to buck his party and back a Republican on occasion, as he did explicitly with George W. Bush in 2004 and Bob Turner in 2011, and more implicitly with Ronald Reagan in 1980. Through it all, he was a quintessential New Yorker, who loved the City and wanted to make it great again. Though far from perfect, his three terms went a long way towards bringing New York back, which was his proudest accomplishment. He will be missed. RIP. 


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