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Ed Schultz Erupts on Caller, Drops F-Bomb Before Censor Catches

Censors failed to bleep out Ed Schultz’s profane outburst on his radio show when the MSNBC host lashed out at a caller during a heated discussion.

The fiery caller accused Schultz of “fascism” and for “capitulating” to people who are benefiting from the worsening state of affairs, prompting Schultz to say he hoped that caller didn’t “have a stroke on this radio show.” Both yelled over one another before Schultz had had enough.

“Well, you’re a freakin’ a**hole, how about that? Get the f*** out of here,” he said as he hung up on the caller. Schultz, who frequently mocks and attacks conservatives on his programs, said the caller crossed the line by insulting him personally.

Stating he was “sure they hit the seven-second delay on” his eruption, Schultz grew increasingly worried that his expletives had slipped past the censor.

“I hope that they didn’t go out — did we catch that one? I need some direction!” Schultz yelled, presumably to the control room. “Did we catch that one? Yes or no?”


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