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Edwards the Conqueror

Forgive me for thinking this new CNN poll is a little weird.  It shows Democrats winning a lot of presidential matchups, which is not weird, but it shows the strongest Democrat against any Republican candidate is…John Edwards.  Which is a little weird.

The poll shows Hillary Clinton beating Giuliani 51-45, beating Romney 54-43, losing to John McCain 48-50, and beating Mike Huckabee 54-44.

It shows Barack Obama beating Giuliani 52-45, beating Romney 54-41, tying McCain 48-48, and beating Huckabee 55-40.

OK.  Those numbers seem reasonable, and are certainly good news for McCain, who emerges as the strongest Republican contender. But then look at the Edwards numbers.  CNN shows Edwards beating Giuliani 53-44, beating Romney 59-37, beating McCain 52-44, and beating Huckabee 60-35.

That “America rising” thing must be really taking off.


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