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Edwards in N.C.

Some have said it was weird for Edwards to be in North Carolina today — weirder still with Jon Bon Jovi as the opening act.

Yes, various jokes involving prayerful song lyrics are flying around. But it’s not that weird. Remember that one of the reasons Edwards was added to the ticket was to help boost the chances of Erskine Bowles in the U.S. Senate race against Richard Burr. The idea was to reduce the Bush-Cheney margin in the state. For whatever reason, it is a little lower than in 2000 — averaging around 7.5 points in the latest public polls. Burr and Bowles are neck-and-neck. A boost of Democratic enthusiasm in the state is needed to keep things competitive. Burr may need the Bush margin to grow to about 10.

It’s just one visit, after all, and Edwards will get back to the Midwest shortly.