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Edwards’s Sunday Morning Follies

Both George Stephanopolous and Tim Russert pressed Edwards hard on he and Kerry being pro-war when pro-war was cool and anti-war when anti-war was in. Rolled in old statements, contradictions, flip-flops, etc. It was very refreshing.

Our multi-millionaire trial lawyer (both those juries must have been easy) handled both poorly by my estimation – leaving this viewer and I’m sure many others even more confused about his tortured journey of convenience on this issue.

I would have been happier to have him pressed on his going-forward plan, being as how it consists of nothing other than the magical mystery summit (shot down pre-emptively already by the French and Germans, btw), but we didn’t get to that unfortunately.

John Hillen, a former assistant secretary of state, is the James C. Wheat Professor in Leadership at Hampden-Sydney College’s Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest, and a member of the NR, Inc. Board of Directors.


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