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EFCA, Specter, and the Next Stage

Senator Specter just delivered remarks on EFCA on the floor of the Senate. As noted below, he will not vote for cloture, noting that this is a bad time, economically, to pass such a measure. He did not, however, foreclose the possibility of considering some alternative measure in the future — including a form of ”last best offer” arbitration.


Although this is a significant blow to labor’s agenda, the battle is far from over. Specter noted that EFCA was the most heavily lobbied bill he’d ever seen. EFCA proponents aren’t going away. There are several compromises that have been floated over the last several weeks (especially keep a sharp eye on “equal access” proposals). One or more will become the new focus of lobbying efforts.


Since EFCA supporters are certain to change their legislative strategy, opponents must also. They’ll be making a big mistake if they relax their efforts — the horse-trading may be just beginning in earnest.


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