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Effective Prep

We know that Vice President Biden is not a genius. But, to give him credit, this is as good a job as he has done in his career. He is holding his end up better than his boss did. He has calmed down and sounds thoughtful about the campaign. Happily it won’t matter.

Ryan doing a good job recounting the Obama promises from 2008 which have not materialized.

Whoops. Biden back to listing scary things that his campaign wants to pin on Romney.

When asked about his personal character, Ryan lists policies he and Romney would enact. Strategy, or wonkery instincts?

Biden says nothing about either his own character or useful policies to come. As with his boss, the formulations and the lines have gotten old. They haven’t weathered the serious conditions through which we are living, all that well.

Ryan — right lines: It’s not working. You deserve better. Real reforms, real recovery. Stagnant or dynamic economy? The choice is clear. Great, very effective closing.


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