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Egg in Your Beer

A lot of readers were jolted from their peaceful browsing of the web

yesterday by my use of the rhetorical question: “What do you want, egg in

your beer?” Many have asked me if this is some kind of Britishism.

To the contrary, I never heard it until I came to the USA. In fact, I

remember precisely when and where I first heard it: from my friend Jay

Bodo, a native-born American (and USMC Vietnam vet), of mixed Irish and

Hungarian ancestry, in Yonkers, NY, circa 1975. I thought it a very

striking expression, and asked Jay where it came from. He told me it was

something his father used to say. Jay’s father was in the Navy in WW2, so

this agrees with the origin of the expression given here

(Do a find on “egg.”)


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