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Election Blog-a-Thon

I have had hundreds of reader e-mails over the past 48 hours or so, the great

majority of them expressing agreement, joy, appreciation, gratitude, and

pleasure. I have no hope of being able to answer all of them (and apologize

for my hotmail e-address having clogged up early in the proceedings and

remaining clogged), so I just want to say a generic ***THANK YOU*** to all

who took the time and trouble to write in. The collective effect of all

your messages has been to raise my spirits immensely (you are all so

HAPPY!), to refresh my sense of purpose that what we do here at NRO is

profoundly worthwhile, and to get me all misty eyed about what a wonderful

country I have the privilege of having been adopted into.

Just one other point. I posted a column in the wee hours of Wednesday

morning. It contained some stylistic and grammatical infelicities, for

which I apologize. I am very much a lark, not an owl (bed at 10, up at 5:30

or 6), and was fighting against my entire metabolism to stay up that late.

And there were actually more infelicities than you saw — Kathryn, bless

her, who had better things to attend to, cleaned it up some.

Once again, thanks to everyone. It all gets read; it’s just the replying

that we fall down on at times like this.


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