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Election From Hell

One of many, many, many:

I’m right there with you regarding “The Election From Hell.” I’ve been a Reaganite my entire voting life, but I’m leaving the Republican party now that McCain is the nominee. My biggest worry is that if McCain wins, conservatism is finished as a political force. I’m somewhat disappointed that so many NR writers support McCain and somehow think they can influence him in the right direction. That’s hopeless in my opinion.

I’m living in Georgia, which is normally considered a safe state for Republicans. There’s not much I can do to alter the presidential election, but I intend to vote for Bob Barr as a protest vote. I know he can’t win, so his exact policies don’t really matter. I’m hoping that if enough conservatives abandon McCain, the party might swing back to the Right eventually. I realize the risk is four years of Obama, but we survived Carter and came back strongly with Reagan so it might just work out. My calculation is that Obama is incompetent enough that he won’t be able to get anything done. Gridlock suits me fine. It would be nice if some principled conservatives were elected to Congress, but that’s almost too much to hope for.

In 70-something emails on that column there were only two hostiles. In fairness, here’s one:

You obviously don’t like America or Americans. Why don’t you go back to Britain and complain and whine to your hearts content. Over there you’ll really have something to complain about.

That came from an e-address ending “.ca” — which means the sender is in Canada, doesn’t it? Huh? Whatever. I’d show you the other hostile one too but I can’t actually find it. In lieu, here’s one of the grudging friendlies. I seem to get a lot of those, I don’t know why.

Enjoyed your column. Usually I don’t. They read too much like you’re emailing your crazy Uncle Amos. But this one was pretty good.

Thank you, Sir, over there in Colorado Springs. Uncle Amos screams his regards.


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