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Election Mythologizing

From the New Editor:

The 2006 Election Myth?

Over at the Huffington Post, EJ Eskow writes,

An hour of vote tabulation reveals a stunning fact: Democrats won the popular vote for the Senate by an overwhelming 12.6% margin – 55%/42.4%.

What Eskow either forgets, or neglects to point out, is that 33 Senate seats are up for election every two years, and that among this year’s seats were three in California, New York, and Massachusetts — seats that Senators Feinstein, Clinton, and Kennedy won by about 4 million votes, most of the Dems’ 6.6 million vote margin of victory in the aggregate US Senate vote.

I wonder if this newly minted mandate myth will have the same staying power of that never-realized, but often repeated, $5.8 trillion federal surplus we had at the end of the Clinton Administration?