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When the Miers nomination was announced, I supported it. While I was

mildly disappointed not to have a high-powered legal theorist, that issue

was never a deal-breaker for me. I only changed because I began to doubt

Miers’ conservatism. I fit the profile of educated “elitist” as well as

anyone else around here, but I was perfectly willing to assume that, given

her achievements, Miers was a bright and competent woman. Having read the

excerpts from her writings in David Brooks’ column today, however, I’m

surprised and appalled. No, I don’t think you have to be a great academic

theorist to be a fine supreme court justice. But it never occurred to me

that Miers could be so pathetically bad at presenting her thoughts. I

still don’t doubt that Miers has real-world smarts, yet she truly seems to

lack the minimum ability to express herself in the way that a Supreme Court

Justice must. My overwhelming concern is still with Miers’ views, and not

with her competence. (I suppose her clerks can cover up her

deficiencies.) But after reading her writings as presented by Brooks, I am

shocked and embarrassed.


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