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Embryonic Stem-Cell Advocacy On Cnn

“Imagine a world without disease….” Pause.

That was the beginning of a CNN package on “stem-cell research,” focusing on a California bill, following a shorter Kerry stem-cell package.

Is it any shocker there was something less than objective, realistic reporting that followed?

According to the CNN report, the problem critics have with embryonic stem-cell research is that it paves the way for reproductive human cloning, Twilight Zone style. Yes. But the report completely skips over the fact that people object to the creation of embryos for use in research and then kill. That’s cloning (“clone and kill”), even if CNN and advocates–oops, that was redundant–don’t call it that.

The CNN package made no mention of alternatives to embryonic stem-cell research: fat cells, for instance. Couldn’t do that because those facts would make it harder to demonize and polarize.

It’s so infuriating that folks won’t focus on these alternatives. We could get on with the business of medical progress, and stop slipping down the Brave New World slope.


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