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Emolumental Problem?

Mickey Kaus demonstrates why he’ll be so much fun over the next couple years.

A Knack for Diplomacy: What attitude do the Hillary people bring to the State Department? I didn’t think her spokesman Phillipe Reines could top his obnoxious and nonsensical response to the Gerth and Van Natta report that Hillary had secretly eavesdropped on her enemies ( “We don’t comment on books that are utter and complete failures”).  But he’s come close with his spin on the legal argument–a slam-dunk if you actually believe the Constitution’s language–that Hillary is barred from becoming Secretary of State by the Emoluments Clause:

This is a Harvard Law grad nominating a Yale Law grad here, so all parties involved have been cognizant of this issue from the outset,” [E.A.]

Well all right then! No clinging to guns and God in this administration! … I’m sure they spent a lot of time on the Emoluments Clause at Harvard and Yale.

Why do Hillary’s people think this smug, sneering approach** is productive? Because of its success in winning them the nomination? Think how well it will work in the India-Pakistan crisis! …

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