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Emotional Roller Coaster

My mental state these past few days:

1. The Abu Ghraib “scandal”: Good. Kick one for me. But bad discipline in

the military (taking the pictures, I mean). Let’s have a couple of courts

martial for appearance’s sake. Maximum sentence: 30 days CB.

2. The US press blowing up the Abu Ghraib business: Fury at these lefty

jounalists doing down America. They just want to re-live the glory days of

Vietnam, when they brought down a president they hated. (PS: They hated him

because he was an anticommunist, while they themselves tought communism was

just fine.)

3. GWB apologizing to some barbarian chieftain for Abu Ghraib: Disgust.

Correct approach: “Mind if we film some footage in YOUR jails?”

4. Revelations about sexual hanky panky in US armed forces: Outrage. I

want to see someone cashiered — a general, at least. This is no way for

soldiers to behave when on active service. Gross, unpardonable violation of

military ethics. Whose damn fool idea was it to mix men and women in the

same units?


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