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The Emperor Has No Clothes, And Yet He Still Dresses Funny

‐For the first time in his career, America saw Obama as he is: Banal, overrated, unprepared, impressively unknowledgeable — wrapped in a veneer of celebrity sophistication.

‐Obama’s performance laid bare to average Americans the bias, corruption and fraudulence of the mainstream media. Watch them maneuver to mask the damage to themselves.

‐A few obvious winners: Romney, voters, Rob Portman. A few obvious losers: Obama, the mainstream media, AARP.

‐By cocooning Obama for his entire career, the media left him atrophied and overconfident.

‐The next debate on foreign policy couldn’t come at a worse time for Obama. Even his media protectors are beginning to notice Libya.

‐If Romney mopped the floor with Obama, imagine what Ryan will do to Biden. Get out the popcorn.

‐Campaign donations to Romney will increase substantially.

‐Romney’s was the best performance of any presidential candidate in the television age.

‐Romney’s victory gives greater credibility to his campaign ads going forward. Obama’s defeat will cause more voters to question his campaign’s statements.

‐Romney has earned the benefit of the doubt on assertions made in the upcoming debates.

‐Failure revealed is a dangerous motivator. The Obama campaign will tune up the demagoguery and viciousness.

‐Somewhere, Earl Weaver is smiling. Several innings left. But a three-run homer by Romney.


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