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‘Empirically Dubious, Massively Simplistic’

Our progressive friends won’t take it from National Review. But maybe they’ll listen to one of their own, Ruy Teixeira. Via Thomas Edsall’s very interesting column this morning:

It is remarkable how willing liberal elites have been to countenance [Ibram X.] Kendi’s extreme views which ascribe all racial disparities in American society to racism and a system of untrammeled white supremacy (and only that), insist that all policies/actions can only be racist or anti-racist in any context and advocate for a Department of Anti-Racism staffed by anti-racist “experts” who would have the power to nullify any and all local, state and federal legislation deemed not truly anti-racist (and therefore, by Kendi’s logic, racist). These ideas are dubious empirically, massively simplistic and completely impractical in real world terms. And to observe they are politically toxic is an understatement.

There is much more of interest here.


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