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Employee Free Choice Act

If you haven’t seen this Fox News report on card-check in an Indiana plant, you should. In this case, employers colluded with a union (as they are allowed to do) to unionize their shop through card-check, without giving workers a chance to choose via a secret ballot election.

But the workers, subjected to the card-check process, didn’t like the harrassment from union organizers. After the union succeeded, they demanded a secret ballot election and decertified the union. Said one woman who works at the plant: “Those of us who spoke against them were being threatened and we actually had to be escorted out to our cars.”

Brian Wilson’s wrap-up underscores the problem with the card-check procedure, and delineates clearly why it is not a good idea to use it every single time workers consider unionizing their shop.

[H]er larger point here is this: if there had not been card check, if there had been a secret ballot, nobody in the plant would have known how she voted and therefore she would have not been in a position of being threatened by her fellow employees.


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