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This Is Encouraging….

Purely anecdotal, from a reader:


The weather’s beautiful, wish you were here. I live in an affluent,

very-left neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End, very leafy and quiet and

bordering Oakland, home of Pitt and CMU. Lots of rich lefties, mixed with

students and professors. Of course, we also have Elsie Hillman and Richard

Scaife. Oh yeah, and Paul O’Neill. Kerry signs are everywhere. Just no

voters. I walked up to my polling place (I didn’t vote. I’m waiting for my

wife when she gets home from work.) and the only people there were two

middle aged matrons in sweaters and tweed, I swear to God, like Talbot’s had

a sale circa 1985, sitting at a MoveOne table. The incongruity made my head

feel like when I eat too much ice cream.

Remember, this is the land of St. Teresa. Pittsburgh is a long-time

Democratic stronghold, and I would have thought that more voters would be

out for their man. Both my family and my wife’s family are rabidly

supporting Kerry. Go figure. We are the only Bush voters. Every last soul in

our families vote, so nothing new there, but I am surprised at the so far

light turnout. Ledeen may just have a point.