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Encouraging News About Huck?

Someone describing himself as a former Huckabee staffer has posted a comment about Huck over at Rod Dreher’s place. It includes this:

This is not a man who can (or would want to) discuss the finer details of Kirkean conservatism; even though he is a seminary-trained preacher, he has little patience for, nor interest in, the complexities of theology that underlie Christian social thought. He’s a pragmatist and a technician, not an ideologue or philosopher.

If this is true, it’s the best thing I’ve heard about Huck in ages. Now, I wouldn’t support the guy in a million years (which I guess might be about six months according to the way that some of Huck’s fellow-Creationists account for the passing of time), but this is a step in the right direction, a tiny step, but a step nonetheless.

Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan who may have seen the quote in a different way.

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