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Encouraging Signs from Cameron

Over in the UK, with Tony Blair’s party imploding, David Cameron’s Conservatives are at last being seen as a party worth listening to.  The Conservatives are now finally establishing a substantial poll lead over Labour.  As a result, David Cameron is free to talk about genuinely conservative issues rather than trying to establish a nice guy image with “fluffy” policies. ConservativeHome approves:

ConservativeHome has been very encouraged by this week’s policy announcements from the Tory leader.  His pledges on euthanasia (a free vote issue), the arms trade and his remarks on the sexualisation of children will have hugely encouraged the Tory Party’s social and religious conservatives.  Today’s announcement on the Human Rights Act – followed by earlier pledges on imprisonment and the appointment of a cabinet minister for homeland security – will reassure those who want to see the ‘go green’ messages set alongside tough lines on law and order.  The Conservative Party is a coalition and Mr Cameron is increasingly showing that he intends to keep it together.

The link also includes an image of a classic headline from The Sun newspaper which is worth seeing even if you’re not interested in British politics.


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