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Energy Update II

E-mail from an aide to Sen. Wayne Allard (R, Colo.):

The Senate just voted (52 – 42, they needed 60) against the Motion to Proceed to S. 3604, the Economic Stimulus Bill. This bill contained the desperate attempt to revive the oil shale regulation ban, and is now dead.

The Senate has now turned to other matters.  Although there are media hints that the Dem Leadership would keep trying to sneak the ban back into place in another vehicle, (such as the bail-out) this was their best chance.   We will remain vigilant.  There seems to be an absurdly fanatical desire to hamstring Colorado’s economy and America’s energy security by certain Members.

Senator Allard said this on the Senate Floor before the vote: 

“If the purpose of this amendment is to stimulate the economy, why would we attempt to place one of the largest potential deposits of oil in the world out of reach? This provision would maintain the status quo of sending $700 billion annually to the likes of Hugo Chavez. If we enacted this provision, not only are we sending American dollars abroad, but we’re sending American jobs after them.”


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