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Senator Salazar (D., Colorado) told his colleagues Wednesday night that a vote for the Inhofe amendment was “a transparent attempt to undo Executive Orders under Bush and Clinton” and that the Inhofe amendment endangered the compromise.

The Inhofe amendment passed anyway last night, 64 to 33.

Meet the members of the 2007 Weathervane Caucus

In 2006, 23 senators voted to both codify and repeal Clinton Executive Order 13166 by voting for both the Salazar amendment and the Inhofe amendment. In 2007, 24 senators voted to both codify and repeal E.O. 13166.

Among the brand-new senators, Cardin (D., MD), Klobuchar (D., MN), McCaskill (D., MO), Tester (D., MT) and Webb (D., VA) voted for both the Salazar and the Inhofe amendments.

First-time members of the Weathervane Caucus in 2007 are Lugar (R., IN), Mikulski (D., MD) and Bennett (R., UT). Each voted for both the Salazar and Inhofe amendments.

Sixteen Senators who voted for both the Inhofe (anti-E.O. 13166) and Salazar (pro-E.O. 13166) amendments in both 2006 and 2007 were Murkowski (R.,AK), Lincoln (D., AR), Carper (D., DE), Nelson (D., FL), Brownback (R., KS), Landrieu (D., LA)*, Collins (R., ME), Snowe (R., ME), Coleman (R., MN), Baucus (D., MT), Hagel (R., NE), Nelson (D., NE), Conrad (D., ND), Dorgan (D., ND), Specter (R., PA) and Warner (R., VA) . [*Landrieu officially changed her 2006 vote on Inhofe from “aye” to “nay” one week after the initial 2006 vote.]


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