The Corner


An e-mail:

OK, OK, I surrender. I’ll make a contribution simply because you guys are the best. But please, please, please stop this never ending stream of contributor emails deifying your blog. It’s as if NRO were a holy shrine for conservatives and you guys were the high priests and priestesses of the tribe to whom we readers come annually to pay tribute and raise hosannas to the sky in thanks that you deign to bless us with your written word. I don’t mind the tribute part but this adulation crap  does grow tiresome. Where do I pay?

I promise it won’t last much longer. The Corner will soon go back to its regularly scheduled programming — and should be hopping tomorrow on the Senate, by the way.

In the meantime, other e-mails suggest to me many of you are enjoying the comments from your fellow readers, and not because you think we’re priests and priestesses, but because you enjoy the company of your friends — even the ones you haven’t met, but are in the same room with, virtually, day in and day out.