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Enrollee Featured in Video Spent Three Days Trying to Enroll

The YouTube channel has put out a pair of advertisements for the federal healthcare exchange. One of them features Deborah Lielasus, a self-employed grant writer from Portsmouth, N.H. In the video, Lielasus praises the website, telling prospective consumers, “The site was very easy to use and the customer-service representatives were patient and helpful.”

While Lielasus did say earlier this month that she was impressed by the site’s ease of use, her road to coverage was, like that of so many others, a rocky one. An October 2 report indicates that when she accessed the site, she got ”only as far as creating an account before the federal Web site stopped working.” In a brief conversation with National Review Online, Lielasus said it actually took her three days to enroll and that she completed her enrollment on October 3. 


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