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Enter the Scientist

The Daily Telegraph has the details:

David Cameron has linked the widespread floods and bad weather affecting the UK to climate change, saying he “strongly suspects” the phenomenon is causing more “abnormal weather events”. In comments that are likely to anger some Conservatives who are sceptical of climate change, the Prime Minister told MPs: “We are seeing more abnormal weather events. Colleagues across the house can argue about whether that is linked to climate change or not. I very much suspect that it is.”

Sadly this is yet another reminder that Britain’s Conservative party is burdened with a leader who is not up to the job.  The science of what he said was poor. The politics were worse. At a time when defections from the party’s right to UKIP threaten humiliation in the May elections to the EU parliament, not to speak of disaster in the 2015 general election, Cameron has made the Tories’ uphill climb just a little bit steeper.